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Pets Corner is the world’s leading authority on pet care and nutrition. With a heritage of over 60 years, Pets Corner is internationally recognized as a cumulative source of expertise and influence which is pre-eminent in its field. Pets Corner provides the science behind every pet care product available on this website and is ultimately responsible for the unparalleled and continued success of a variety of leading brands, including Pedigree®, Whiskas®, and Trill®.

These brands help to keep animals healthy and happy through a strong commitment to quality and meeting the highest industry standards. The dedication of the hundreds of Pets Corner scientists, veterinarians, pet nutritionists, and animal behaviorists will ensure that generations of pets get the care they need.

Every year, millions of pounds are invested in research programmes. Much of this work is to improve understanding of the fundamental behavioral needs of companion animals and then to develop products which meet these needs in a practical way. A variety of products that have been developed are available to buy on www.pets-corner.co.uk.

The work carried out by Pets Corner is extensive and covers a wide range of subjects which are relevant to the care of dogs, cats, birds (domestic and garden) and fish (freshwater and saltwater). It ranges from detailed observation of the animals’ needs to studies of raw materials, processes and product performance, embracing the related disciplines of nutrition, health care, husbandry, the pet-owner bond and the role of pets in society. 

So, let Pets Corner share its vast wealth of experience with you. The benefits of pet ownership are endless, but caring for one also means real commitment. With this in mind, Pets Corner not only helps you understand what’s involved in pet ownership but also gives you confidence in the products that you choose to buy for your pet.

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How To Make Your Own Dog Food

How To Make Your Own Dog Food

Whats The Best Food To Feed Your Dog

Whats The Best Food To Feed Your Dog


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