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How To Make Your Own Dog Food


With all the recent and argumentative pet food recalls, it is no wonder that pet owners have preferred making homemade dog food for their furry friends but remember raw pet food diets can be dangerous; in lieu of commercial and, quite possibly, bad dog food and cat food considered as contaminated. So what's all the fuss about? What horrible things can bad contaminated dog food do to your canine companion, and more importantly, what can you do to prevent it? Just what is in these supposedly nutritionally balanced meals that has got animal lovers in an uproar? 

People are discouraged from consuming too much canned goods for various health reasons. The same holds true for dogs, foods for people that are bad for your dog.

Moist dog food is packed in cans. You can just visualize all the unnatural ingredients injected into the whole package, mostly to intensify flavors, enhance palatability, and even improve appearance.

What's truly disconcerting is the truth that animal by-products, the main components of pet food, are already bombarded with chemicals long before they reach the processing plant. So even if the can's label provides a different information, there's really nothing like a 'No Preservatives' as a guarantee. 

Dry dog food is even worse. Since canning in itself is already a preserving process, moist dog food contains less of the contaminated materials used to prolong shelf life compared with its dry counterpart. 

A different predicament is the ingredients themselves, usually raw meat-based, poultry, and grains. Anything that is known to be harmful for people to eat, such as innards, blood, and bones, make up the by-products that are ground and blended into what we know as pet food. In reality, they are bad dog food. 

The thing is, it is not always slaughtered animals that make their way into these meals but oftentimes, diseased carcasses and euthanized creatures are included also. And the drugs and bacteria like Salmonella and Escherichia coli thriving in these meats do not always die during manufacturing. 

Pet food safety

Furthermore, when moldy grain is thrown in, as well as all the other artificial ingredients the numbers of which are too many to count with both hands, you then have a lethal canine cocktail. It doesn't take a nutrition expert to know that this spells disaster for the end user, i.e., innocent little Fido. 

Injuirous outcome of bad dog food include vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. But that's just for starters. The more dangerous toxins, like cf1 butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), and ethoxyquin, which are all given in small doses, can cause cancer, organ failure, and ultimately, death when consumed over a long period. 

So what can you, the dog owner, do about all this? Voice your concerns. Call pet food manufacturers and demand for better quality products so you get what you've paid for. Better yet, try making your own homemade dog food. At least then, you can be sure about what your beloved pet is actually eating. If you have any doubts on the food you're feeding your dog, consult your veterinarian immediately. 

Your loving and dedicated pet deserves more than just a mouthful presence of contaminated bad dog food. Don't you think it's time you showed him just that?

Homemade Dog Food - How To Make Tasty Dog Food Quickly

First of all, consult your veterinarian before making any kind of switch. Know also that it will take time for your dog to get used to the new menu so introduce your homemade dog food gradually, beginning with just a tiny fraction along with the commercially bought food he is accustomed to. Then slowly decrease the commercial dog food as you increase the food you prepared yourself, until the former is completely eliminated from your pet’s diet. 

To ensure that your dog gets balanced nutrition for optimum health, give your pet a mixture of 40% meat, 30% vegetables, and 30% starch. Organs like the heart, the liver, and kidneys are especially healthy for your dog. 

Ground eggshells are likewise nutritious and can be blended in with his meal. A popular mix is carrot, brown rice, and ground turkey. You may also replace the turkey with ground beef, add some brewer’s yeast, and you have a whole other menu right there. Variety is good. 

Buy fresh meats like lean beef, stewing meats, boneless steak or roast, boneless stewing lamb, shank, leg of lamb or butt. For poultry, buy boneless, skinless chicken breast, fillet, or thigh. 

Besides rice, pasta and oatmeal are excellent sources for starch. Other than carrots, choice veggies are fresh pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes, yams, beets, parsnips, broccoli, zucchini, and cucumber. Chop them up into tiny pieces before serving. 

Steer clear of peas, beans, chard, tomatoes, and bell peppers as they may bring about digestive problems or damage red blood cells. If you must use garlic, a natural flea repellant, make sure it is cooked and use it only sparingly as raw or spoiled garlic can be poisonous. Again, when in doubt, consult your vet. Avoid onions at all costs. 

You can either serve the food in their natural state, or cook them lightly in a pan to prevent loss of vitamins and nutrients, so the meat’s natural juices are retained. If the veggies are a tad too hard, steam them lightly beforehand. Just don’t forget to cool the homemade dog food first before serving. 

Prepare enough to last your dog two servings a day for three days. Do not exceed three days as the food will no longer be fresh by then. A good way to estimate the amount is to multiply your adult dog’s body weight by 0.4. The result is more or less the number in ounces he should be eating in a day. Once prepared, keep the food refrigerated when not in use. 

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Just follow these tips and learn how to make homemade dog food on your own. Your dog will love you all the more for it.

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How To Make Your Own Dog Food

How To Make Your Own Dog Food

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