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Whats The Best Food To Feed Your Dog

Reasons Not to Give Your Dog Bones

You want your dog to live a long and healthy life and one of the best ways to ensure that is to feed him a good diet that meets all his nutritional needs. While many people will just go to the grocery store and pick out some commercial foods, you really need to do a little bit of research first, in order to find out what the best food to feed your dog is.

Ideally, you want to feed your pet a diet that is rich in high quality protein, but protein is not the only type of food your dog should be eating. About half of your dogs diet should consist of meat and about ¼ should be grains with the last ¼ being vegetables and fruits.

The quality of the meat, grains and vegetables you feed your pet is important. After all, he’s a member of your family so you want to be sure to feed him quality food just like any other family member. This means paying attention to the dog food you buy and staying away from the cheaper brands because these are usually loaded with fillers that have little to no nutritional value.

When shopping for dog food, you want to look for a dog food that is natural or organic with no chemicals or preservatives. The other thing to look out for is the ingredients – you want to be sure that beef, chicken or lamb is listed as the first ingredient and avoid foods that list meat byproducts as the main ingredients. You also want the food to contain a little bit of fiber as well as some fat.

While most people like the convenience of buying a dry or canned dog food, others might want to really have control over the quality of their pets food by making it themselves. Yep, that’s right, you can cook for your dog while you are cooking for your family, in fact, you can feed your pet many of the same foods, but in a different ration than what you feed the family.

Dogs can eat the same proteins the we do – beef, chicken, lamb, and even fish are great protein sources for your pet. There is some disagreement among experts as to whether you should feed dogs raw or cooked meat – after all, dogs ate raw meat before they became pets, but if you cook your pets meat, you can insure you are destroying harmful bacteria so cooking it is safest.

You need to feed your dog a balanced diet so just giving him meat or raw pet food is not a good idea – add to it some grains like oats, barley or pasta and some veggies like carrots, green beans, peas or leafy greens and you’ll be assured that you’ll be feeding your dog the best food possible!

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How To Make Your Own Dog Food

How To Make Your Own Dog Food

Whats The Best Food To Feed Your Dog

Whats The Best Food To Feed Your Dog


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